Whole-Home Audio System

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At a Glance

Music mastered

Deliver perfectly-synced, high-quality audio to every room in the home.

Many sources

Play from your networked audio library or a range of streaming services.

Total reach

Wireless and wired options to suit any space and requirements.


Easy to install and easy to manage via the Nuvo app, in-wall controls or home automation system.

Nuvo whole home audio quality is like being at the concert

Music to Your Ears

With a history dating back to 1924, NUVO was developed by Kustom Home Sound, providers of stage amplification to musicians such as Johnny Cash. Today that legacy of high-quality audio is upheld by Legrand. With a Nuvo whole-home audio system, you can expect high-fidelity audio in every room. Supporting 24 bit/192 kHz high-resolution streaming audio, this is digital music at its finest. It’s almost like being there.

Nuvo whole home audio speaker

Wired or Wireless, Inside or Out

With wired and wireless options, a Nuvo whole-home audio system can cater to just about any space. Maybe you have a difficult area to access, in which case Nuvo’s wireless Player Portfolio range will make it a breeze. Or maybe you just want the true high-quality sound and reliability of a wired system. Both options have their strengths, and we can even create a hybrid system. What’s more, with its range of powerful players and speakers, Nuvo can even reach outside. Offering architectural and outdoor speakers – the latter of which have a lifetime warranty – this is truly ‘whole-home’ audio.

Nuvo whole home audio in-wall display

Easy to Use

Nuvo offers a range of control options, including the beautiful P30 in-wall touchscreen and P20 in-wall keypad. Your whole-home audio system can also be controlled via the Nuvo app on your mobile device.

If you have a Vantage or MyHOME_Up home automation system, you can also integrate it into that.

Whatever the case, Nuvo’s Player Portfolio is a scalable system and can grow with you. That means it’s easy to install additional speakers or players further down the line.